Products (Mining Supplies)

●  Wooden Ventilation Doors with steel baking frame.
●  High pressure & low pressure Ventilation Doors.
●   Main steel Frame for Ventilation Doors.
●  Self closing Ventilation Doors.
●   Steel Ventilation Man-Door complete with frame.
●  Wooden Ventilation Doors.
●  Refuge Bay Doors.
●  Fire Doors.
●  High Pressure Ventilation Doors with Hydraulic Cylinder Box.
●  Steel Frames with air release flap for High Pressure Ventilation Doors
●  Specialized abnormal size trackless Ventilation Doors and Main Frames.
●  Steel Hinge for all types of Ventilation Doors.


Other Products - For the Mines

●  Old Explosive Boxes.
●  Train Truck stops.
●   Hardwood block for winder ropes.
●  Sleeper wedges.
●  Gum-planks.
●  Single and double step plank - SA Pine
●  Incline Ladders.
●  Ferodo Pegs.
●  Charging Sticks.


Products - Leather Tanning Industry

●   Iroko Tannery Drums
●   Taxidermy Drums
●   S.A Pine Milling Drums
●   Screening Drum
●   Liming and Soaking Paddles
●   Draining Channels
●   Buffing Machine
●   Hide-off-loading trolly



●  Manufacturing of Drums of Paddles of different Sizes
●  Manufacturing of all Drum Parts & Accessories
●  Repair leaking Drums
●  Repair damaged Drums
●  Reconditioning old Drums
●  Relining Drums with polystone!


Other Services

●  Sawmill: Logs into planks.
●  Saw and plane sleepers and other hardwoods.
●  Manufacturing of bar counters, tables ext from hardwood.
●  Manufacturing of wooden garden furniture.